AP Board class 9 English book: Download PDF

Unit 1 Humour
A. The Snake and the Mirror
B. The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)
C. Little Bobby

Unit 2 Games and Sports
A. True Height
B. What is a Player? (Poem)
C. V.V.S. Laxman, Very Very Special

Unit 3 School Life
A. Swami is Expelled from School
B. Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend (Poem)
C. Homework

Unit 4 Environment
A. What is Man without the Beasts?
B. The River (Poem)
C. Can’t Climb Trees Any More

Unit 5 Disasters
A. A Havoc of Flood
B. Grabbing Everything on the Land (Poem)
C. The Ham Radio

Unit 6 Freedom
A. A Long Walk to Freedom
B. Freedom (Poem)
C. An Icon of Civil Rights

Unit 7 Theatre
A. The Trial
B. Antony’s Speech (poem)
C. Mahatma Gandhi – Pushed out of Train

Unit 8 Travel and Tourism
A. The Accidental Tourist
B. Father Returning Home (poem)
C. Kathmandu