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Chapter List
Unit 1
A. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
B. The Town Child & The Country Child (Poem)
C. The New Blue Dress
Unit 2
A. C.V. Raman, the Pride of India
B. It’s Change…. (Poem)
C. Susruta, an Ancient Plastic Surgeon
Unit 3
A. Puru, the Brave
B. Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead (Poem)
C. The Magic of Silk
Unit 4
A. Tenali Paints a Horse
B. Dear Mum (Poem)
C. The Emperor’s New Clothes
Unit 5
A. A Trip to Andaman
B. My Trip to the Moon (Poem)
C. Sindbad, the Sailor
Unit 6
A. A Hero
B. My Nasty Adventure (Poem)
C. Learn How to Climb Trees
Unit 7
A. The wonderful world of chess
B. Chess (poem)
C. Koneru Humpy
Unit 8
A. Snakes in India
B. Tress
C. A Letter from Mother Earth
Unit 9