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AP Board Class 6 Science books – Full Book Download

AP Board Class 6 Science Book in English
AP Board Class 6 Science Book in Telugu

Download AP Board Class 6 Science book in English Chapter-wise

Unit NumberChapter NamesDownload PDF in English
11. Our Food
2. Playing with Magnets
3. Rain: Where Does it Come From?
English PDF
24. What Do Animals Eat?
5. Materials and Things
7. Separation of Subjects
8. Fibre to Fabric
English PDF
39.Plants-Parts and Functions
10. Changes Around Us
11. Water in Our Life
12. Simple Electric Currents
13. Learning How to Measure
English PDF
414. Movements in Animals
15. Light, Shadows and Images
16. Living and Non-Living
English PDF

Download AP Board Class 6 Science book in Telgug Chapter-wise

Chapter NumberChapter NamesDownload PDF in Telugu
1Our FoodTelugu PDF
2Playing with MagnetsTelugu PDF
3Rain: Where Does it Come From?Telugu PDF
4What Do Animals Eat?Telugu PDF
5Materials and ThingsTelugu PDF
6Chapter 6Telugu PDF
7Separation of SubjectsTelugu PDF
8Fibre to FabricTelugu PDF
9Plants-Parts and FunctionsTelugu PDF
10Changes Around UsTelugu PDF
11Water in Our LifeTelugu PDF
12Simple Electric CurrentsTelugu PDF
13Learning How to MeasureTelugu PDF
14Movements in AnimalsTelugu PDF
15Light, Shadows and ImagesTelugu PDF
16Living and Non-LivingTelugu PDF